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I cleaned up my gallery, store some old original pieces and some fan art I don't like anymore now.
Some one is just too old, about 5 years ago.
Hope the people who fav+ed them would not mind.

But I keep some fan art which is belong to a fandom I still love, no matter how poor it is as now we see it.

It's a bit strange to look at the old pieces.
In the time when I draw them, I thought I'm making great improvement, and draw an excellent piece, and getting my skill better. But for now, I think that's funny, it's still have many many problem in the picture.
And for now I maybe satisfied with my works I draw recently, but what would I think in 1 or 2 years later? It would be a fun to know.

In fact I've been drawing things as a hobby for more than 10 years. Always thinking I'm improving and always thought it's still not good enough.
I'm not complaining. I think it's good, always can get forward, and having fun when I progress.
Just sometime I'd wonder, when can I get to a level like some artist I adore very much. It seems I'm always get improved but never reach at that level.

Anyhow, setting a higher goal is good. I'd always keep drawing.
But the most important is - it's always fun to draw out the thoughts and some funny stories in my mind.

Again, apologize to those who fav+ed my deleted piece.
I'd try to update new ones, hope you can love those!
Sorry I've left here alone for quite a long time.
Always update in Pixiv.

I recently be attracted by Batman Comics.
Love bats family so much and also the other heros in JLA.
In the New52, I love Red hood and the outlaws very much.

I think I'd update some sketch fanart of the DC comics and cartoons recently.
Nothing special this week, except I was noticed that one of my friend is going to Japan. Unbelievable, I thought she would go to America... But finally she made a decision to go to Japan.

Great! Than I can ask her to take many toujinshi to me!! Hahaha~~!!

Ok, now I want to try the friend list.



Err... I didn't watch other's da always... so not many friend and watching..
Ah... These days I'm really busy.
Both work and preparing for the Japanese Language Level Test.

I want to spend my free time on drawing but there are too many exercises on Japanese Language need to finish... or I'm afraid I won't pass the Test on 4th  Dec.

Anyhow, I'll draw something to relax myself time by time.
These day I am watching the TMNT 03Ver season3 and season4... It's really amazing so I drawed some TMNT fanart. Hope I can get more free time to draw a fan comic of the TMNT, I just got an interesting idea...

And... I'm waiting for the Game ZengokuBASARA Heros on 29th Nov.
Hope it can give me a surprise.

Over. I have to go back to my desk and do recite the words of Japanese...



Hello EveryBody Here!!

I'm a newcome here.

Loving TV games, Anime, Manga and so on...
And now I'm crazy about Transformers...XD
Though...I'm not good at draw mechanism...

All right, main of my works or drafts is Fanart of TV games and Manga.

Some of my pics may contain some homo elements. So if you don't like it, just pretend that you havn't seen it before...thank you.

Last words, Any comment is greatly welcomed, thank you!!
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  • Playing: FFCC